[K12OSN] Re: smbladap-installer

Matt Oquist moquist-k12osn at majen.net
Fri Feb 4 17:19:46 UTC 2005

> From: mark at msdigitaldzines.com
> Does the script need to run from a particular directory, cause I have the script
> in my tmp folder?

Yes and no.  It doesn't matter where you extract the tarball, but the
script expects to live in its own smbldap-installer directory.  It
doesn't matter what your Present Working Directory ('pwd') is when you
run the script.

For example, this should work fine:
$ cd /my/own/path
$ pwd
$ tar xzf /root/smbldap-installer-1.1.tgz
$ ./smbldap-installer/smb-ldap.pl

Or, instead of that last command, this would work:
$ cd smbldap-installer
$ ./smb-ldap.pl

This would probably NOT work:
$ tar xzf smbldap-installer-1.1.tgz
$ mv smbldap-installer/smb-ldap.pl /tmp/
$ /tmp/smb-ldap.pl

That would probably not work because the smb-ldap.pl script assumes
that the 'rpms' and 'templates' directories are in the same directory
as itself.  If you move the script file (smb-ldap.pl) to a different
directory without putting 'rmps' and 'templates' in the same
directory, it won't know where to find those and it will fail.


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