[K12OSN] Help! Sendmail doesn't SEND - only receives

richard ingalls aslansreturn at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 17:37:02 UTC 2005

I have tried the suggestions posted previously.  PLUS,
many other things in desperation (from Webmin and
manually on my server)... so I'm at a loss here...

OK, let me start from scratch on this one... What
SHOULD I do to make it so that users in my network can
send mail from our sendmail server, using Mozilla mail
or the dreaded M$ Outlook/Express?  What are the
settings that need to be in place on the server and on
the clients?  Bear in mind that I have the users go
through a proxy server/filter to get to the mail
server, but I can bypass this if necessary and give
them direct connection.

What are all the things that I should have in place
for this to function correctly?  I have imap and
sendmail installed.  I can receive mail - no problem. 
I can SEND from LOCALHOST only.  So Usermin is working
fine.  BUT Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird can't SEND
from clients in my network.

If all hope is lost, I guess I can tell all my users
they will simply have to use Usermin.

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