[K12OSN] upgrade troubles (4.0.1 to 4.2)...xorg issue? possible kernel issue?

mark at msdigitaldzines.com mark at msdigitaldzines.com
Fri Feb 4 19:28:50 UTC 2005

Quoting anthony baldwin <anthonybaldwin at snet.net>:
I had the same problem, do you get the login screen?

if you do, the default is termal base xwindow, first time I've ever seen it, any
at the login screen change your session.

> Hi,
> I just performed the upgrade from 4.0.1 to FC3 based 4.2
> And I can't get X up.
> When going through graphical boot, it gets to the part where X should
> come up, and I hear the monitor click, and then
> nothing...Just a blank screen.  For a long time.
> I signed into a terminal and brought up /etc/X11/xorg.conf (or wherever
> it is), and it looks fine to me.
> Looks the same as my old XFree86 configs, anyway, as far as monitor,
> video card, video settings.
> But when I tried /user/X11/bin/startx (or wherever it was that I found
> startx)
> I get something about a missing command, "xauth".
> I've never used anything but XFree86, so Xorg is new to me.
> Also, I suppose this might be noteworthy, while booting I keep getting a
> msg about not finding
> /lib/modules/blah blah blah, something about the kernel (which wasn't
> updated, still 2.4.22).
> I don' recall off hadn if it was kernel-2.4.22nptl./lib/modules  or
> /lib/modules/kernel-2.4.22nptl
> I did read the release notes about updating the kernel, which I would
> do, if I could get in.
> I'm presently only able to access the internet now because of the xtra
> drive I just installed XP on.
> I've considered starting over and doing a fresh install, since I jsut
> backed almost everything up, but I didn't backup
> *everything*, and don't want to have to reconfigure stuff like mount for
> my camera, and lose all my saved passwords and bookmarks
> from moz, and the few other headaches I would have to deal with.    I
> mean, 90% of my important data, photographs, etc., are all backed up.
> Don't know if a fresh install would make any difference at this
> juncture, anyway.
> I do have a Suse 8.2 Pro box sitting here, too....Hmmm...
> Oh, and as if that weren't enough.  One more issue:  When I boot, kudzu
> keeps telling me that the printer has been removed from the system
> (hp deskjet5550, usb), but it hasn't been.  It's on, plugged in,
> connected, etc.
> Perhaps I should start separate threads for these possibly separate
> issues?  Not sure how they could be related, except that they are all
> a result of my attempt at upgrade.
> tony
> http://www.school-library.net
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