[K12OSN] Re: RE: smbldap-Installer -update

Matt Oquist moquist-k12osn at majen.net
Fri Feb 4 22:17:12 UTC 2005

> From: "Jim Kronebusch" <jim at winonacotter.org>
> My starting point is running through the steps for manual configuration
> and comparing the confs to what I have after the script.
> So far smb.conf has the following differences:
> Manual
>  security = user
>  #passwd program = /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-passwd -u %u
>  #passwd chat = "Changing password for*\nNew password*" %n\n "*Retype
> new password*" %n\n"
>  [homes]
>   create mask = 0664
>   directory mask = 0775
>  [profiles]
>   browseable = yes
> Script
>  #security = user
>  #passwd program = /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-passwd -u %u
>  [homes]
>   create mask = 0600
>   directory mask = 0700
>  [profiles]
>   browseable = no
>   create mask = 0600
>   directory mask = 0700

Just FYI, I added/changed the create and directory masks to prevent
kids from viewing and writing (!!) each other's files and directories.
When we ran this script for the first time in Exeter, Steve browsed
right into other users' directories and created files.  Yikes!

> From: mark at msdigitaldzines.com
> I ran the script again and added the shsrc.edu, the script ran fine, its working
> know

Yup, that would do it.  I'm still worried about the fact that the
script let you not enter a domain, though.  It shouldn't do that; I'm
going to try to figure out what happened.

Thanks for your patience and for publishing your conf file and logs.
That will hopefully help me prevent someone else from having this


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