[K12OSN] Can't get to the bottom of deep menus.

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Sat Feb 5 02:45:45 UTC 2005

> So this is issue number two.  The monitors that used to be 1024x768 
> using K12LTSP 3.x are now 800x600 with 4.2.  I've tried like crazy 
> to get these guys back up to their old resolution, but no luck.  I 
> figured that things would be ok until I stumbled onto the solution 
> at some time in the future, but now students are already 
> complaining.  GIMP for example can't be made to print because once 
> students chose a printer from the print  menu they can't  get to the 
> bottom of the huge menu to click Print.

My bet is you are really having a problem with the refresh rate and not 
really the resolution.  I am guessing when you change to the higher 
resolution you are simultaneously switching to a refresh rate that is 
incompatible with your monitor.  I don't know much on where to change this 
in X or exactly which file (hopefully someone else will pipe up with better 
knowledge on this), but figure out how to use vi and where the needed files 
are.  Then change your runlevel to 3 (I think this will boot to command 
line), and play with your refresh rates until you find something that 
works.  Then set the runlevel back to 5 (or whatever it was before messing 
with it). 

If this is with your clients try modifying lts.conf with different client 
specific refresh rates and restarting the client until things take off.  I 
usually have started lower say at 60hz then moved up until failure (higher 
rate is usually easier on the eyes), and then stick with the last working 

Good luck

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