[K12OSN] rpm --import public.gpg.key = failure

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Sat Feb 5 05:41:13 UTC 2005

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005, anthony baldwin wrote:

> You may or may not have been following my upgrade woes.
> Well, I hosed the whole hdd on an attempt at fresh install of 4.2, somehow.
> Not sure what happened, but kept getting I/O error on hdd.
> So, I did a fresh isntall of 4.0.1, and then upgraded, and am now writing to 
> you from a fresh 4.2 upgrade.
> Very nice.
> But, I need a few things I'd like to yum in (some stuff to support my hp 
> printer, like cups devel, python devel...plus, I want pico),
> and I'm getting this:
> [root at localhost tony]# yum update
> You have enabled checking of packages via GPG keys. This is a good thing.
> However, you do not have any GPG public keys installed. You need to download
> the keys for packages you wish to install and install them.
> You can do that by running the command:
>   rpm --import public.gpg.key
> For more information contact your distribution or package provider.
> [root at localhost tony]# rpm --import public.gpg.key
> error: public.gpg.key: import read failed.
> [root at localhost tony]# 
> Same after several tries.
> How can I correct this problem?

This command should do the trick for you:

 	rpm --import /usr/share/rhn/*KEY* /usr/share/doc/k12ltsp/*KEY*


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