[K12OSN] network design

Steven Santos Steven at Stevensantos.com
Sat Feb 5 17:39:53 UTC 2005

> Hello everyone -- can I get a discussion going to help me sort out my
> plans?

Always welcome!

> I would like some input on my network design.  I have 4 schools and a
> business office; 3000 users; and over 1000 machines (growing by leaps and
> bounds as we work toward one-to-one).   Presently I am using Active
> Directory (Windows -- ugh) for authentication, DHCP etc.  Only have linux
> servers in the background (proxy, web server, etc.).   I use mostly open
> source software although there are occassions where MS stuff is necessary.

> We just began using terminal services (linux terminals attaching to
> Windows server) in a new building.   I want to redesign the rest of the
> network to terminals. Of course the MS solution is cost prohibitive.
> What is my best mode of attack?  We presently boot the terminals
> individually from flash memory.

Lot of variables, so let me ask a few questions

What specific services do you need to provide? (general computing, roaming
profiles, roaming profiles across buildings, email, printing, web, shared
folders, library, database access, etc)

What kind of connection do you have between sites?

Will these all be thin clients, or will this be a mixed mode install (thin,
thick, windows, mac)

What kind of policies are in place that may effect this?

In an ideal world, with big fat pipes that never go down to each location, I
would say that you would want an LDAP server, a home server, backup server,
web server, email server, web filter/proxy and central print server in the
central office (or other suitable location), connected via WAN to the other
locations.  You then have K12LTSP servers at each location to boot clients,
and provide most applications.  You might want a number of application
servers for OO.o, Moz, programming, and what ever other high demand apps you
have at each location, plus a Windows TS for what ever win apps you have to

But the details of your situation will dictate what will and what will not

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