[K12OSN] Re: Can't get to the bottom of deep menus.

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 5 19:27:19 UTC 2005

>So this is issue number two.  The monitors that used to be 1024x768 using
>K12LTSP 3.x are now 800x600 with 4.2.  I've tried like crazy to get these
>guys back up to their old resolution, but no luck.  I figured that things
>would be ok until I stumbled onto the solution at some time in the future,
>but now students are already complaining.  GIMP for example can't be made
>to print because once students chose a printer from the print  menu they
>can't  get to the bottom of the huge menu to click Print.

One thing you can do is "grab" the windows by holding down the Alt key
while clicking in the middle of the window. That way you can slide the 
up far enough to see the Print button.

I agree, though, that 1024x768 is a much more useful resolution if all
of the hardware supports that.

k12ltsp 3 did not use XFree-3 did it?

Do you still have your k12ltsp-3 discs?  Maybe you could look through and
find the old X modelines that used to work. Barring that, you can google
around for a 60Hz 1024x768 modeline and try that.

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