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I think this was meant for the k12osn list as well.

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Subject: Re: [ok-mail] [K12OSN] network design
Date: Saturday 05 February 2005 09:04
From: cliebow at downeast.net
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so you have a firewall in each school..not fiberoptic??here we are under
one firewall..i have some terminals set up so they will do regular ltsp on
ctrl-alt-f1  rdesktop on ctrl-alt-f2 and nx on ctrl-alt-f3..with gideons
new work you couuld even put extra nx sessions to diffeent servers..with
maybe a common file ldap and print server??
the big question is how segmented are you..
we run six schools thru one firewall via fiberoptic and segregate the
networks so winblows viruses dont pass thru with a managed

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