[ok-mail] [K12OSN] Anyone upgrade OOo from 1.02 -> 1.1.x ?

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Sun Feb 6 05:46:39 UTC 2005

John Hansknecht wrote:

>On Friday 04 February 2005 22:48, Robert Arkiletian wrote:
>>I want to upgrade OOo 1.02 in our 3.1.2 (RH9) server to 1.1.4
>>Wondering if anyone has done the
>>#./setup -net
>>and chosen update from 1.02. The docs say it can but I'm wondering if I
>>need to log into every user and run setup and chose Workstation install?
>>If I leave it to the the kids they may chose local install and fill up
>>the home partition with OOo installations. Has anyone upgraded without
>>this hassle. Plus what about new users added later? Do you have to run
>>OOo before you give out an account?
>I have seen discussions on this list regarding updating with a method to keep 
>the redhat script that handles the workstation install working but I have not 
>been able to get it to work. Here are my notes, if you search the k12osn list 
>on 'Terrell Prude' you should be able to find his original notes.
>"Here it is.  Pretty simple, actually.  I added a line to the bottom of 
>.sversionrc and tweaked /usr/bin/ooffice.  Here are the files 
>post-editing.  I included the original /usr/bin/ooffice as "ooffice.bak" 
>for those who want to diff against the original (recommended).
>Terrell Prude', Jr. <microman at cmosnetworks.com>
>I am indeed leaving the original RPMs on there.  It doesn't hurt 
>anything at all to do so, and it gives you an easy way to roll back to a 
>"known good working" version, just in case.
>I'm putting the new version of OO.o in a new directory; I happen to like 
>/usr/local/OpenOffice.org1.1.  Then I'm updating the ooffice and 
>.sversionrc files.  The .sversionrc file gets a new line in it to 
>reflect the new version's presence.  That's about it.
Thanks for the reply John but I don't see any files (.sversionrc or ooffice)

 >"Here it is.  Pretty simple, actually.  I added a line to the bottom of

There are no attachments and no link. If you could email it to me 
personally or type the link for others to see as well, that would be great.
I have a feeling you used html in your message but your email client 
sent everything as plain text. It's happened to me before.


Robert Arkiletian
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