[ok-mail] [K12OSN] Anyone upgrade OOo from 1.02 -> 1.1.x ?

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Sun Feb 6 06:14:19 UTC 2005

Robert Arkiletian wrote:

> Thanks for the reply John but I don't see any files (.sversionrc or 
> ooffice)
> >"Here it is.  Pretty simple, actually.  I added a line to the bottom of
> There are no attachments and no link. If you could email it to me 
> personally or type the link for others to see as well, that would be 
> great.
> I have a feeling you used html in your message but your email client 
> sent everything as plain text. It's happened to me before.

Please disregard my previous post above. I found it here



Robert Arkiletian
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