[K12OSN] Strange LDAP/Samba issue?

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Mon Feb 7 14:02:27 UTC 2005

I recently added about 150 users to the LDAP database (via webmin).  Now, the users can log onto the Windows systems, but ... they don't show up in the ACL lists when adding access to resources.  Running pdbedit -l returns 811 users (initially), but this isn't all of the users.  I deleted 4 users, and now pdbedit -l returns 807 users.  I have tried the sizelimit option to slapd.conf/ldap.conf .  I have stopped/restarted nscd/slapd/smb .  Still, pdbedit doesn't return a complete list of users.

Googling hasn't turned up any leads either.

Any suggestions?  

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School
Newark, Delaware 

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