[K12OSN] Problem getting Workstations to Boot

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Mon Feb 7 14:24:17 UTC 2005

> Some of the information I have found on the net indicates I 
> should not have the router on the same switch as the 
> workstations, is this correct? Since this is an on-again 
> off-again thing, could the gigabit NICs be the problem?  It 
> almost appears that something is timing out.  Could this be a 
> problem with UDP?

Typical and default setup is for the router main lan side to go to one
NIC on whatever IP scheme you want or with the default of dhcp.  Then on
another NIC have an internal switch connected that feeds all of your
thin clients completely separate from the rest of the network.  This
internal NIC is set to and all setup for dhcp and lts.conf
point to this IP.  For starters until you know all of your workstations
boot and function fine you may want to start with this setup.  6 Gigabit
NIC's?  You may want to simplify things and start with 2 NIC's to make
it easier to figure out which NIC is getting assigned what function.
Start with 2 nics and compare Mac addresses so you know which is
internal ( and which is external (dhcp).

It is possible to go with a single NIC setup whereas you have a single
Gigabit NIC plugged into an existing network.  But be sure it is the
only dhcp server on that network (to start out with anyway) and you need
to changed all references in dhcp.conf and lts.conf and a couple other
files to whatever the IP is of this single NIC.  Instructions are on
k12ltsp.org I believe.  

But I recommend starting with the default setup to know all machines
work first.  Then move toward the more custom setups.  And make you NIC
setup simple to start with, and add in more down the road (presuming
you'd need to).

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