[K12OSN] YAHOO! Roaming profiles fixed in smbldap-installer...now admin quirks

David Trask dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
Mon Feb 7 20:40:02 UTC 2005

Yahoo!  I figured out the roaming profiles issue (I hate when they change
something and don't tell me) ;-)  It's a simple matter of changing the
Samba config for homes and profiles in smbldap.conf to contain %U
(username variable) at the end.  Evidently that's neccessary in the new
version, however was not necessary in 0.84 of smbldap-tools.  So....I just
tried it and it works....so that's hurdle #1....now to look at some
Administrator user quirkiness.  Matt and I are trying to determine if it's
possible to go back to the old method and use root instead of
Administrator.  One idea is instead of running simple   smbldap-populate  
 rather to run  smbldap-populate -a root    and see if that elimnates the
need for the Administrator user.  Dunno, but will report.  As you can tell
the smbldap-installer script is "sort of" ready for production servers,
but as Eric says....if it breaks you get to keep both pieces.  Mid-year
probably isn't the best time to bring a server like this online
anyway...right?  ;-)   Thus at this point everything works, but we're
trying to solve something that MAY be an issue with administrator user.

PS....Matt will post a new version with the fix soon, but if you want to
fix it yourself....go into the templates directory in smbldap-installer
and edit smbldap.conf.....and fix these lines

in smbldap.conf.....scroll down to
the Samba section and add %u to the end of the home and profiles defs as
shown in the commented examples just above them.  

# The UNC path to home drives location (%U username substitution)
# Ex: \\My-PDC-netbios-name\homes\%U
# Just set it to a null string if you want to use the smb.conf 'logon home'
# directive and/or disable roaming profiles
userSmbHome="\\NETBIOSNAME_KEY\homes"   (this is the bad line...add the

# The UNC path to profiles locations (%U username substitution)
# Ex: \\My-PDC-netbios-name\profiles\%U
# Just set it to a null string if you want to use the smb.conf 'logon path'
# directive and/or disable roaming profiles
userProfile="\\NETBIOSNAME_KEY\profiles"   (this is the bad line...add the



David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
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