[K12OSN] Problem getting Workstations to Boot

Ken Grant kmgrant at actaccess.net
Mon Feb 7 21:09:31 UTC 2005


Thank you for your time and patience.

I will try your configuration this evening and let you know the results.


>> The router/firewall has a address and the external
>> NIC has a static IP address of  Also, I've turned
>> of DHCP on the router so the only place a workstation should
>> be getting an IP address is from the ltsp server.  If I
>> remember correctly, the internal NIC is using DHCP has an IP
>> address of  Actually, both NICs should be set
>> to stactic, coorect?
>> As for the router, it should go directly into the external
>> NIC using a crossover cable by-passing the switch.  Is that right?
>> Do you think this might be a DNS problem or are we still too
>> early in the boot process for DNS to come into play.
> I am not exactly one of the experts on the list here.  But I'll keep
> trying.  Here is how you should have it setup:
> WAN side
>  Router -> standard patch cable from router switch to eth1 eth1
> static
> LAN or ltsp side
>  eth0 static -> standard patch cable to switch
>  switch via standard patch to all clients
> No in your earlier post I saw that you said the router was connected to
> the same switch as the workstations.  You don't want that if you are
> performing a standard 2 nic install.  Set up things just as described
> above.
> Also if you have the firewall enabled....disable it.  I usually do this
> on initial install just to be sure I don't have any firewalling issues.
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