[K12OSN] smbldap-installer v. 1.2-gamma (profiles working and "Administrator" is now "root")

Matt Oquist moquist-k12osn at majen.net
Mon Feb 7 21:43:17 UTC 2005

Version 1.2-gamma of the smbldap-installer is available at
http://majen.net/smbldap-installer-1.2-gamma.tgz .

* The problem with roaming profiles is fixed; Dave Trask was the first
  to successfully test after appending "%U" to the userProfile setting
  in smbldap.conf.  (Simply changing this setting on a previously
  configured system may or may not work.  I haven't tested it.)
* The Administrator user has been laid to rest; use 'root' now in its
  place.  NOTE: This means you use 'root' with root's SAMBA password
  to add Windoze machines to your domain.  (You set root's Samba
  password while the smb-ldap.pl script is running.)

Thanks to everyone here (particularly Dave Trask) for helping to track
down the profiles bug!

And it was an email from Dave that gave me the solution for ditching
the Administrator user.

Pending a documentation update, 1.2-gamma will soon become 1.2.


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