[K12OSN] Has anyone tried the smbldap-installer script with Suse?

Matt Oquist moquist-k12osn at majen.net
Tue Feb 8 15:04:40 UTC 2005

> From: "Brian Chivers" <brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk>
> Subject: [K12OSN] Has anyone tried the smbldap-installer script with
> We currently run all our main internal servers on Suse 9.0 or 9.1. I have
> setup a sandbox system using the K12LTSP but I'd really like the server when
> in goes into use to be SUSE 9.1.
> I have had a look through the dictro_data.pm file but I'm having troulbe
> finding a couple of the files.

Ah - you've raised a point that I should document in distro_data.pm.
You should start with the minimum list of dependencies and build it as
you need them.

If you only have "smbldap-tools......rpm" in the list, when you run
the script it will tell you what other packages it needs that it
doesn't have.

So here's how to do it:
1. install a minimal Suse installation
2. only have "smbldap-tools....rpm" in your list of rpms
3. run the script and it will tell you what else it needs.
4. add other rpms to the list and goto 3
5. profit!

I'm personally working on getting Ubuntu to work, and once we have an
Debian-based distro working it might be relatively straightforward to
present the FC3/K12LTSP user with the option of getting the packages
from the Internet if 'apt-get' is available.


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