[K12OSN] project management for windows on linux

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Tue Feb 8 15:07:56 UTC 2005

Going to freshmeat.net and searching for 'project manager' turned up a bunch of 
things.  One I did not see on the list but may be worth checking into is 
mrproject, for gnome.  Several of the hits on freshmeat appear to be web-based, 
which means Windows users could access them with no special tools.  If, however, 
you find a project manager that only runs under X, check out XLiveCD: it's a CD 
image (which you put onto a CD) and when you put it in a Windows machine, it 
automatically launches Cygwin's X server.  It has an option to install the X 
server onto the hard drive.  Then you could use putty to create public keys on 
each user's desktop machine, copy those to the Linux server, which would then 
allow you to run an ssh session that automatically calls, say, mrproject, and it 
would be displayed on the user's Windows box via the CygWin X server.  It may be 
possible to do this using telnet/rsh instead of ssh, but ssh can more easily 
take care of getting the DISPLAY variable set correctly.


Rob Owens wrote:
> This is kind of a 2-part question.  First, what's a good open source project management application for linux?  Need something similar to Microsoft Project.  I've read about Planner, but there are apparently many others out there.  Second, what's the simplest way to enable windows-users to access this application, which will probably be running on its own linux server?  If it was the other way around (linux users accessing a windows application), I know I'd use rdesktop.
> This is for a small company and there's not much concern about network security inside the building.  This means that network activity doesn't need to be encrypted or anything, and login to the linux machine would preferably be automatic w/ no passwords (just click on a windows icon and the application launches).  
> I'm trying to save the company money, but they're not yet convinced that they can give up MS.  This would be the first of many baby steps.   The final step, of course, would be all-linux, and most likely ltsp. The company is currently considering buying MS Project.
> -Rob
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