[K12OSN] Making Boot Disks for Legacy PCs

Gary Frederick gary.frederick at jsoft.com
Tue Feb 8 19:20:58 UTC 2005


I now know what's in some of the PCs. However, I am not able to get any 
of the clients to connect.

I have not connected clients to a k12ltsp server in a long time.

When I tried using k12ltsp way long ago I got a boot image for the nic, 
put it on a floppy, put it in the computer and we were up.

Things are not going well this time around.

I have 3 computers I am testing as clients. Two have
   Accton Technology Corp SMC2-1211TX (rev 10)
cards and one has a
   Linksys Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet 10/100 model NC100 (rev 11)

Both do not come up.

I look at the log and do not see anything useful.

The one computer (with the Linksys card) had been a server with k12ltsp 
4.1 on it for a while. I know it works. The other two come up with 
Knoppix so they should work???

I have several other computers with who knows what cards.

What boot image should I get for the two cards listed above?

Is there a magic decoder for the output of the lspci command to what is 
on the Rom-O-matic site?

Why is this going bad? Why did I wait till the last minute to test 
getting the hardware up :-S



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