[K12OSN] Etherchannel link

Shawn Austin austinsr at uindy.edu
Wed Feb 9 00:09:35 UTC 2005

We have used channel bonding with our IBM servers and cisco switches for 
about 2 years now, and it has been more trouble than its worth.
We occasionally have strange packet loss that no one can account for, 
and I have never noticed any true thru put advantages.

If you decide to use it, make sure that you stress test the server under 
heavy load and monitor for any packet loss.

Michael C Wescott wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 15:26, Ascension Tech wrote:
>>Hey All,
>>Were about to upgrade some network equipment and I was wondering if
>>anyone has experience using Cisco's "etherchannel link" between the
>>switch and LTSP server.  We are thinking of getting a catalyst 3750.  
>>Can anyone share their experiences?  Server side, is it a matter of
>>following the instructions for channel bonding on the wiki?
>The bonding protocol is compatible with Cisco's Etherchannel. I don't
>know about the 3750 in particular since I played around with a Catalyst
>6000 when I was looking at it (preparing for a presentation to the local
>Linux User's Group).
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