[K12OSN] Open Source Alternative to Publisher?

Sharon Betts sbetts at msad71.net
Wed Feb 9 16:42:49 UTC 2005

Try Scribus -- nice app.

kevins at centerusd.k12.ca.us on Wednesday, February 09, 2005 at 11:38 AM
+0000 wrote:
>I've watched this list for some time now, but don't recall this question 
>ever coming up.  (Maybe it did, and those brain cells have been nuked. 
>I blame it on the rotgut beverages I'm forced to drink because of my low 
>I'm successfully weaning teachers and students from M$ Office.  But 
>OpenOffice doesn't have a Publisher equivalent, and that's a big problem 
>with many teachers.  They frequently use Publisher for flyers, posters, 
>and the like, and they say they'll give it up only when I "pry it from 
>their cold, dead fingers."
>Is there anything you've used that can approximate Publisher?  It 
>doesn't have to be as powerful, but the ability to insert cute bunny 
>clip art and use stylish yet illegible fonts is a must.  Plus (here's 
>the bone cruncher), working under Linux AND Windows platforms would help.
>Kevin Shira
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>Center Unified School District
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