[K12OSN] 486s or PIs

Steve Hargadon steve.hargadon at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 21:44:29 UTC 2005


I don't think you'll have much trouble getting the P1s.  I'd be glad
to help you.  I'm involved in a large project in Kenya with LTSP, and
an international bank is donating the 40,000 computers needed, with
most of them coming from Africa.  There are other good channels as
well.  I'm also on a listserve with access to about 400 non-profit
computer refurbishers, and I would bet we'd get some help from them.


On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 13:41:28 -0500, Robert Lefebvre
<robert.r.lefebvre at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm looking to get used computers donated for use in developing world
> countries and using K12LTSP. I can ask for any type of computer I want
> (I might not get them but I can always ask :-) but the older the unit
> the better the chance of getting it for free. There is even the
> possibility of picking up the old ones locally in those countries even
> if it means buying them, because they may be less than what it costs
> to ship them. So my question is "What kind of performance hit would we
> take by using 486's as thin clients instead of PIs or PIIs ?? My
> initial thought is none. Am I correct?
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