[K12OSN] OO dictionary(plural?) and modes..

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Feb 10 01:45:18 UTC 2005

1.) OO dictionaries...where to locate/disable/autoload maybe?

2.) X_MODE_0  ...

LCD's I bought have native mode of 1280x1024...
I can not find any modes for that...
currently they are running in 1024x768 @ 72mHz...and there is shadowing 
of the taskbar...3 or 4 lines at the bottom of the screen..

I've been wrestling with it for the past hour to no avail, hoping 
someone out there has some ideas...


ZAxisMapping = "4 5"

does not enable the wheel on the mice to scroll ...  using IMPS/2

As always...THANKS!


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