[K12OSN] Open Source Alternative to Publisher?

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Thu Feb 10 03:42:29 UTC 2005

Kevin Shira wrote:

> I've watched this list for some time now, but don't recall this 
> question ever coming up.  (Maybe it did, and those brain cells have 
> been nuked. I blame it on the rotgut beverages I'm forced to drink 
> because of my low salary.)
> I'm successfully weaning teachers and students from M$ Office.  But 
> OpenOffice doesn't have a Publisher equivalent, and that's a big 
> problem with many teachers.  They frequently use Publisher for flyers, 
> posters, and the like, and they say they'll give it up only when I 
> "pry it from their cold, dead fingers."
> Is there anything you've used that can approximate Publisher?  It 
> doesn't have to be as powerful, but the ability to insert cute bunny 
> clip art and use stylish yet illegible fonts is a must.  Plus (here's 
> the bone cruncher), working under Linux AND Windows platforms would help.

Scribus is a great publishing tool.
It's in the "office" menu of your ltsp install.
Works great.
It can't handle M$Pub files; I don't think there's a FOSS app that can, 
or, indeed, any app that can beside M$Pub,
but it can do everything Pub can.  IMHO, it's better.
Also, for fliers and posters, etc., Openoffice.org has several very 
handy tools (I think someone has already suggested that).
Scribus does not run in Windows, to my knowledge, but I could be wrong.  
Openoffice.org does.
Neither comes bundled with the same old crappy clipart we've all seen 
for the past decade, though.


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