[K12OSN] 486s or PIs

ddaniels at magic.fr ddaniels at magic.fr
Thu Feb 10 05:13:20 UTC 2005

Damn Small Linux might fit your needs... there are few 486s left in 
circulation but you can find plenty of PIs... I like DSL for the speed 
of install of the OS but it's still kinda dodgy with the X server...
we use X -query to config client boxes... it's cheap, 
dirty and relatively easy:


K12LTSP to get real traction in the low-to-no money school districts 
need a simple X server unix installer... IMHO...

best of luck!

Robert Lefebvre wrote:

>I'm looking to get used computers donated for use in developing world
>countries and using K12LTSP. I can ask for any type of computer I want
>(I might not get them but I can always ask :-) but the older the unit
>the better the chance of getting it for free. There is even the
>possibility of picking up the old ones locally in those countries even
>if it means buying them, because they may be less than what it costs
>to ship them. So my question is "What kind of performance hit would we
>take by using 486's as thin clients instead of PIs or PIIs ?? My
>initial thought is none. Am I correct?

lost and found here:

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