[K12OSN] Re: Move users and home from existing server to new LDAPserver (Jim Kronebusch)

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Feb 10 17:06:09 UTC 2005

> I think Dave might be referring here to his own users script; 
> smbldap-useradd-bulk doesn't fix permissions or ownership; it 
> will print any errors it finds in ownership of the top-level 
> /home/<user> directories.

I'll have to ask Dave for his script then...Dave?

> Wouldn't you really want to simply export your current 
> database and import the data into your new db?
> $ slapcat -l out
> $ slapadd -l out
> Thought judging by the slapcat man-page, you're supposed to 
> somehow re-order the slapcat output before importing it.  Too 
> bad the man-page doesn't explain anything more about that...

My current server is WBEL running smb, netatalk, postfix, mailman, ftp,
etc.  There is currently no LDAP database on it.  I connect to it and
try slapcat and get "-bash: slapcat: command not found".  I am guessing
this is because the user are stored in the local unix stuff and not
> I recommend either tar or rsync.
> On a single machine (possibly with an NFS mount one place or the
> other):
> $ cd /mnt/oldhome/
> $ tar czvf /root/home.tgz ./
> $ cd /newhome/
> $ tar xzvf /root/home.tgz

Thanks for all of the options!
> I wouldn't touch system users.  Let the new server create 
> them itself. Nope, the smbldap-installer won't touch these users.

Problem is with the system users is the new server won't have all of the
services the old system does.  So it won't create mailman, postfix, etc
users.  I know the default system users will be created but not the
service specific users.  And my database only has Staff and Students in
it not the system or service specific users.


Thanks for your suggestions Matt.  Hopefully I can piece all of this
together and get something to work.  I'll definitely wait until spring
break or summer vacation to make the changes.  Probably should build to
sandboxes first and simulate the changeover to be safe.

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