[K12OSN] option-128 and option-129 in dhcpd.conf

Gavin Henry ghenry at suretecsystems.com
Thu Feb 10 17:33:53 UTC 2005

> Jim do you by any chance know anything about he other option available
> specifically the ones to create a boot menu from dhcp I have followed
> the mandrake-dos-ltsp howto and even though very little of it worked I
> am now able to boot a thin client into ltsp or dos. but i have to set it
> up for each client. I am using pxe booting and then bootstrapping
> etherboot after it . None of the instructions have worked I never see a
> menu . I did find that i have to use option.pxemagic  but that has not
> worked either. Does anyone have a working config for a boot menu ?

Does this guide help:


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