[K12OSN] *lengthy* Windows Antispyware(Beta) vs Linux

Caleb Wagnon cwagnon at bryantschools.org
Sat Feb 12 03:28:13 UTC 2005

Long time no post for me....but I saw this and had to post. I've tried
Microsoft Anti Spyware....and its pretty dern good. The best software
Microsoft never made =)

But alas....Microsoft bought Giant software to get this product. How
long have they owned it...and that software already has new
vulnerabilities. Tsk tsk. Ok....it's in *beta* so I can't go down on
them too hard....this time. 

To tell you the truth though...I'm not disappointed with the way things
are now with linux. I think Linux's big day is today. Look at what
novell is doing and look at all the embedded linux applications. To me,
Linux's big day isn't determined by quantity of desktops
distributed...but the quality of the software. And for me...that day is

And plus...if we truly want to make linux easy enough for every user
we'll end up putting automated functions in that will be exploited like
Microsoft's activex and the sort. Microsoft has always sacrificed
everything else....especially security...in pursuit of "ease of use".
Ironically, that strategy has worked well for them financially.

In closing, I want to mention a recent interview with a Microsoft
software Architect talking about the knew software authenticity
verification system. He said this system will make sure you have an
authentic version of windows before you can patch it. If "pirates" can't
get the patches...then they are forced to upgrade.

Think about that....

Microsoft has been doing this for years to scam their money. They treat
loyal customers in this same matter. Windows 2000 working great for you?
Ok...but we're gonna cut off the patch support for it so you get
destroyed by our vulnerabilities and you'll have to go purchase our next

Caleb Wagnon
Network Administrator
Bryant Public Schools

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