[K12OSN] Windows Antispyware(Beta) vs Linux

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sat Feb 12 16:32:32 UTC 2005

Mike Oligney wrote:

> Just some thoughts from an old timer (45 years in the Biz). With M$ 
> putting out their Antispyware product for windows to remove all the 
> spyware that has crawled through the massive holes in the OS and 
> Browser I think maybe linux's time is coming. Also if you read between 
> the lines you will see they intend on including an OS license 
> verification with the product in its final offering. That should send 
> about 33 per cent of the uses hopping.I see so many dead M$ systems 
> full of spyware and viruses and have to tell people that their private 
> information has been compromised that I cant wait for the day that 
> functionality beats the unstable bells and whistles of M$.
> Well I just updated my home RH8 P1/166 firewall/webserver/samba 
> server/FTP Server/ DSL Router to FC2 on a P3 500 after running the 
> last 3 years unattended. Also running two K12LTSP servers at school 
> for various uses that have been up two and three years respectively 
> with no problems.
> Glad to see this movement growing and would like to encourage those 
> just getting into it. This is the right way to go.

Not to be outdone by the "old timers," here's a response from a relative 
wee tot in the business.  :-)

My mail server's statistics:

    [bigkahuna at mailsvr bigkahuna]$ uptime
     11:12am  up 465 days, 12:44,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
    [bigkahuna at mailsvr bigkahuna]$

This is on an AMD K6-2 running at 300MHz.  About as low maintenance as 
you can get.  The only thing I have to do is check the logs, which, BTW, 
show that it is subject to between 50,000 and 100,000 individual attacks 
every day.  All have been repelled to date.  The same applies to my DNS 
servers, also running GNU/Linux.

Try getting these results with a Windows box directly accessible from 
the Internet, and especially if you're running Exchange Server.  :-D  I 
know, I tried; this box was in fact running Exchange Server when it got 
cracked.  That's when I switched it to GNU/Linux...465 days ago.


Do you GNU!? <http://www.gnu.org>
Be virus- and spam-free with Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). Check it 
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