[K12OSN] An idea about thin-clients with flash cards...etc....can it be done?

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Sun Feb 13 03:13:25 UTC 2005

David Trask wrote:

>First of all I know there are products out there that can do this...such
>as the IGEL, but I'm looking to keep my costs down and either build my own
>or somehow get something similar to an LTSP Term 150 and adapt it.  If I
>get something like the mini ITX 2677R-Black from www.caseoutlet.com (I
>know these work as the guys in Exeter NH have a whole bunch in their new
>K12LTSP-based charter school) and adapt it with a compact flash slot or
This looks interesting.


It comes with embedded Redhat linux.


Robert Arkiletian
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