[K12OSN] Fedora updates and LTSP

Jason Waskiewicz Jason.Waskiewicz at sendit.nodak.edu
Sun Feb 13 06:14:25 UTC 2005

I am currently running Fedora Core 2. I've had some problems with it.
Today I did a fresh install of the operating system. I then installed
LTSP. It worked perfectly. All the thin clients loaded just the way they
were supposed to.

I then downloaded the updates for Fedora. When I rebooted, the thin
clients did not boot properly. They identified their IP address and that
of the server. They identified the kernel. Then, instead of rapidly
filling the computer screen with dots like they're supposed to, they
started displaying dots only every minute or so.

Is there a problem with Fedora updates? Would I be better off not
downloading updates? Or, should I download LTSP after downloading my

After this experience and experience with this in previous installs, I'm
pretty sure I have a software problem, but that is as far as my reasoning
takes me.

--Jason Waskiewicz
  jason.waskiewicz at sendit.nodak.edu

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