[K12OSN] Server load balancing, made easy

Barry R Cisna brcisna at frontiernet.net
Sun Feb 13 22:52:04 UTC 2005

    Here is an easy/quick way to acheive load balancing between K12LTSP servers for your LAN..

    We have our school under a two subnet setup ( elem & high school)
    This setup works in conjunction with a windows network with no mods,,to your existing switches,wiring,etc.
    Our windows network is on a 172.28.x.x network on each subnet as well,
    I have the LTSP netowrk setup..to the default setup,,of 192.168.0.x on both subnets.
    I have two K12LTSP servers feeding into each subnet.( total four).
    Make sure you have disabled DHCP on your firewall..and windows servers...
    Then,, simply run parallel,,DHCP servers( enable DHCP,,on all of your K112LTSP servers,and then all you have to do is hardcode,, the IP settings,,on your teachers/staff windows boxes,,( we are trying to get (almost) completly away from win doze),,
    If you have DHCP enabled on your windows servers some clients will boot up ok,,and some will "kernel panic",,
    When your clients bootup under this scenario ..they will randomly "access" the least busyest server,and will usually end up about 50/50to each sevrer feeding them, in a  given room of  puters,,
    You will not need to even do any config in your hosts.conf...etc..
    then, just do a scheduled cron job ,hourly with rsync of your students home folders( unless your have a centralized server for home folder redirection),,
    this may be a overly simplistic approach,,but works great for our school scenario.
    I tryed to get the XDMCP chooser to work,on clients,,but was too time consuming.and this approach is "seamless".
    Just thought this may help some people trying to "build out" on their existing K12lTSP setup..

    hope this is of some help to someone,,

    Take care...
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