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Somebody let me know last week that my emails looked kinda screwed up (having to do w/ html settings).  I'm trying some changes to my settings, but I can't tell on my system if it's making any difference.  

This should be a new paragraph.  Then I'm going to skip 2 lines.

Is my formatting coming out correctly?  I don't want to be a nuisance on this list and if I can't get it right I'm going to switch to a different free-email provider.



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Just like Les said, use rdesktop to connect to Windows Terminal Server, and ssh to connect to a linux server.  

You can pipe a command for the server through ssh (although I'm not 100% sure of the syntax -- maybe somebody else could help w/ that).  This would allow you to set up menu items (in icewm anyway) that would call ssh and call the app for you.  ssh will ask for password info each time it is called unless you do one of the following:

1)  Use key authentication with empty passphrases (see man ssh-keygen for more info)
2)  Use ssh-agent to remember your password / passphrase after it has been used once.  (see man ssh-agent for more info).


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On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 14:22, Sharon Betts wrote:> Thanks Rob,> 	My thick clients are linux boxes -- is there anyway to have them access> both the terminal servers?> SharonIf they are already running X, use 'rdesktop' to connect to Windowsterminal services.  Ssh to a Linux box and start any X program bytyping it's name and the window opens on your desktop. You can alsoconnect the ssh command to desktop icon if you like.  Or you canmake a locally-booted Linux box act like a thin client by startingin text mode, then starting X like:X -query serverto run the whole desktop remotely.--   Les Mikesell   les at futuresource.comNo banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.Make My Way your home on the Web - http://www.myway.com
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