[K12OSN] Load Average-

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 15 20:06:07 UTC 2005

My k12ltsp server was showing a load average 22 with 10 users.  There was 
practically zero disk activity and I only had 10 users out of a possible 40. 
  I have never had need to worry about load, as we have slowly added clients 
to our server and monitored the speed as systems were added- all without 
troubles.  Even with 40 users with Icewm -no nautalis, speed has not been an 

Until now...  Things have been really slow the last few days.  Slow logon, 
slow OpenOffice startup, etc.  This is when I took notice of the Load 
Average of 22...  My system has 2gigs ram and is a twin mp 2.2.

What sort of load average should I expect?

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