[K12OSN] user-password problem

Mark Sarria mes4294 at lausd.k12.ca.us
Tue Feb 15 22:58:17 UTC 2005

I have a k12tlsp Server using Samba-LDAP for authentication. I have it set
up so when users first login they will need to change their password, this
is my test server with a few user set-up, on the client machines I am
running windows XP, the alert pops up when I log in and ask me to change my
password, I attempt to but it replies with a message of I can not change my
password at this time access denied.
TO set up the LDAP server I ran the script provided by Matt and David- is
there something I missed, or do I need to make changes to some directories
or files, what file should I post so you can help me solve this problem?
Thank you for your help
--Mark Sarria
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