[K12OSN] OpenOffice "broken" after update to 1.1.3-5.5.0

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Thu Feb 17 14:56:22 UTC 2005

It sounds like whatever is starting OOo is calling soffice rather than 
swriter, assuming you want it to start the word processing module (or 
ooffice instead of oowriter).  The icons/menu items for starting OOo 
tend to point to oowriter, which ultimately is just a symlink to 
swriter.  Trace it through and I think you'll find your answer.


Joe Guenther wrote:
> I did a yum update and one of the packages the updated was the
> OpenOffice.org suite.
> Now when opening OpenOffice with one of the supplied icons in the task bar
> or menus, OpenOffice will not open with a new document ready to go.   It
> will open with only a menu list at the top of the screen ... quite
> inconvienient for students.  How do I either rollback to 1.1.3-2.5 or fix
> the new document issue?
> Joe Guenther
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