[K12OSN] Freshly installed 4.2.0 (VNC & Updating questions)

richard ingalls aslansreturn at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 17 17:36:59 UTC 2005

ok i bit the bullet and installed 4.2.0 on an existing
3.0.0 server.  aside from a bad disc 2 (just reburned
it), it has been very straightforward.

now the questions...

- i'd like to VNC into this server from my laptop
within the network.  how do i enable this?

- i'd like to use the "install additional software"
folder, but it's coming back with all kinds of
messages.  how can i install and update the existing
packages easily?  (also tried yum, but it just stalled
out and i got impatient).

so, i installed webmin from rpm off the webmin.com
site. and i installed flash player from the
macromedia.mplug.org site.  and i installed real
player 10 from the real.com site.  still want to
install j2re and acroread.  how can i do this?  yum?
apt-get? synaptic? up2date?

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