[K12OSN] Installing Linux Options

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Fri Feb 18 00:27:37 UTC 2005

This has already been addressed for K12LTSP, which means any other Red 
Hat / Fedora distro as well.

If you want to do standalone workstations, two other excellent distros 
for this are Slackware and SuSE.  I haven't yet learned how to do a 
network install of Slackware, but here's how to do it for SuSE Linux.  
I'll use v9.1 as an example, though these same instructions apply for 
v9.2 as well.  Of course, this would be in addition to having the kids 
do FTP or NFS installs of K12LTSP.

Make an anonymous FTP server; I use vsftpd for this.  Copy all your 
files from the CDs (there are five of them) or DVD to some directory on 
this FTP server.  I use /ftp/pub/suse/i386/9.1.  Grab the "FTP Install" 
ISO image, which lives in the boot/ directory under this tree.  The file 
is called "boot.iso".  Burn this to a bunch of CD-ROMs and have your 
kids boot off of these CD-ROMs.  The only thing you'll need to know is 
what kind of NIC you have, for you will need to select the manual 
install and load your NIC driver.  Once you do that, you just keep 
going, tell it you want to do a network install, and that you want to 
use FTP.  Pop in the /ftp/pub/suse/i386/9.1 path when it asks you where 
to install from, and off you'll go!

Having your kids do more than one distro will help them nail down some 
of the concepts better.  They will also see that one distro does this 
better, another does this better, and this one over here might have this 
other focus.  This kind of knowledge is a good thing.


Selzler, Bruce wrote:

>Hello Team,
>I have a small class that is essentially our student tech crew that
>supports computers on our campus.  I would like to have them all
>experience installing K12KTSP, or some flavor of Linux.  I'm wondering,
>is the only way to do this by making install disks for each of them, or
>is there a way to install Linux over the network that will be easy
>enough to have a whole class installing at the same time?  We're talking
>about 14 students/computers.  
>Let me know what you think.
>- Sez
>Bruce Selzler 
>Digital High School Resource Teacher
>selzlerb at esuhsd.org 
>sez at mac.com 
>office:(408) 347.4936 
>cell: (408) 893.6161 
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