[K12OSN] Installing Linux Options

cliebow at downeast.net cliebow at downeast.net
Fri Feb 18 03:14:51 UTC 2005

you can start install from an iso then switvh to network install using
linux askmethod...can use ftp otr http method..i put contents of all 4 cd
in /var/www/html and do http install..all rpms go in one giant
folder..chuck..never tried to do 14 at a time,,just one..

> > I have a small class that is essentially our student tech 
> > crew that supports computers on our campus.  I would like to 
> > have them all experience installing K12KTSP, or some flavor 
> > of Linux.  I'm wondering, is the only way to do this by 
> > making install disks for each of them, or is there a way to 
> > install Linux over the network that will be easy enough to 
> > have a whole class installing at the same time?  We're 
> > talking about 14 students/computers.  
> I am not the most familiar with this setup and have never done it myself
> but I do know it can be done.  From what I understand you just need to
> put the iso's on a server and nfs export the directory containing them.
> Then boot from a linux boot disk and choose network install instead of
> from a CD.  The you can point to the ip and share of the nfs export with
> something like "xxx.xxx.xxx:/isoexport" and the installation will
> progress from there.  This is also nice since you do not have to swap
> out cd's during the install and will have the ability to rsync the iso's
> to new updates instead of having to download full new iso's.  
> If that isn't enough to get you going just ask some more questions out
> here along that line and I am sure someone will be able to walk you
> through it.
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