[K12OSN] How do ISOs work?

Robert Lefebvre robert.r.lefebvre at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 03:17:32 UTC 2005

On my k12 I've got Moodle running. When moodle installs all of the data that php uses to make its html pages is stored in mysql tables. To give you an idea of its files structure, moodle can make a complete backup of itself (  files, data) into a zip file. To get it restored, the files need only to be placed into the same folder that it was copied from and the data needs to be inserted into mysql tables. 

 I would like to know what I would need to do to bundle moodle into k12ltsp and offer an iso on my website for people to download them all so that when it was installed, moodle and everything else would be completely installed also. 

Can the default of the k12 install be set to automatically install apache, mysql, and php (when I installed my k12 I had to instal amp separately)?

What is the process for adding these moodle files to the current k12 iso? Is it as simple as opening the iso, adding the files, and making it back into an iso again?

And somewhere in that mix there has to be some linux commands to execute the mysql commands that populate the database.

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