[K12OSN] Strange Lockups

ddaniels at magic.fr ddaniels at magic.fr
Fri Feb 18 05:40:18 UTC 2005

I've experienced same. I'll dble ck which kernel I'm running but I 
noticed serious lock ups with various 'newer' smp kernels. I'll post the 
one that has given me the least heartache. FC2 has been okay. FC3 
nothing but problems though it was quite peppy even if it died rapidly 
under load.

try different kernels would be my suggestion.

best of luck

Daniel Loomis wrote:

>I am running k12ltsp 3.1.0 on a server with Tyan S2460 MB, 2 Athlon 1400
>MPs, Adaptec 29160 SCSI and IBM 40 Gig SCSI HD, two 3c905tx and one
>Intel E1000 nics. The server has worked flawlessly for nearly three
>years.  Now it locks up without warning.  Sometimes it does so under
>load, but at others it just locks up in the middle of the night without
>any load.
>I suspect it is a hardware problem, since the logs give no indication of
>the problem. It just locks up without warning.  Nothing in
>/var/log/messages.  I did catch it one time with a bunch of screen
>garbage and something about interrputs, but nothing made much sense. 
>The next time it just went to sleep in the middle of a login.  The time
>after that everything went well and ran for a while until it locked up
>while running yum update.
>Since the Tyan S2460 is a popular server board for LTSP systems, I
>thought someone might be able to suggest a method of diagnosing the
>problem. The Tyan website is useless.  All they have is monitoring
>software that works with Win2k.  What I need is something like AMIDIAG,
>only this is not an AMI bios motherboard.
>All fans are working well.  Both cpus appear to be cooling just fine. 
>There is no excess heat in the case.  Unfortunately, I do not know of
>any diagnostics that can be run from Linux or use a boot disk. I have
>never tried to implement lm_sensors, but that would only tell me if the
>cpu temps are excessive, which I do not believe is the case.
>Are there any diagnostics in Knoppix or one of the bootable CDROMS that
>might work with a dual cpu Tyan mb?
>My suspicions at this point is that the IBM SCSI harddrive is getting
>flaky.  It works fine and hasn't started showing up with any errors. It
>is a 10,000 rpm 36gb model. But, if it shares any of the electronics
>with their famous "Death Star" ide drives, that would explain a lot.  I
>will probably order a new scsi drive just to be on the safe side, but if
>it is the MB going South, I would like to know that up front.
>I am open to suggestions.
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