[K12OSN] Microsoft and Wine

Bryant Patten opensource at whitenitro.com
Fri Feb 18 16:24:42 UTC 2005

a friend just forwarded this along to me... apologies if it has already 
been posted here


Microsoft Blocking Wine Users From Downloads Site

Posted by Zonk on Thursday February 17, @09:34AM
from the they-could-use-some dept.
IamTheRealMike writes

"In January, Microsoft announced a new anti-piracy
initiative called Genuine Advantage. From this summer onwards all users 
Microsoft Downloads will be required to validate using either an ActiveX
control or a standalone tool. Yesterday Ivan Leo Puoti, a Wine 
discovered that the validation tool checks directly for Wine and bails 
with a generic error when found. This is significant as it's not only 
first time Microsoft has actively discriminated against users running 
programs via Wine, but it's also the first time they've broken radio 
on the project."

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