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I did a little research and my very rough estimates in K12 environment
for computer to tech ratio seems to be about 150 per tech (Windows and
Mac) with the edge going to Mac.

1. Is 1:150 the norm for Windows and Macs?

> We have 350 Windows workstations, 4 Macs, and 3 Linux servers, and 8
Windows 2003 servers. We have one 1/2 time (theoretically) systems admin
who takes care of the servers. I am full-time support for workstations,
and I have a helper who works 24 hours per week, helping me with the
workstations, and doing some development work as well. Sometimes the
teacher who is in charge of technology curriculum development rolls up
his sleeves and gets into the workstation fray, as well. This is just
barely enough person power to keep on top of things.

2. What do you believe is an optimal ratio for Windows or Mac?

> Windows is a support hog, unless you can run pure XP Pro, with new
software.  In our school, we are running XP Pro, but we have to make
some pretty old and clunky hardware and software work with it. I would
prefer to have 2 full time techs for workstations, and one full time
sysadmin for the number of systems we have.

3. What do you believe is an optimal ratio for K12LTSP desktops per

> Because K12LTSP is a terminal server solution, you should be able to
get it all done with one knowledgeable Linux tech, and maybe some extra
help to get the terminals configured and the servers, switches etc in
place when your setting it all up. We run one lab on Windows 2003
Terminal Server, with PXES running from the hard drives on a bunch of
old K6-2 400MHz workstations. I never have to work on the terminals,
because there is really nothing that goes wrong on them. The Windows
2003 Terminal Server is another story.....

4. How detailed does this line of questioning have to be in order to
become meaningful in regards to highlighting the benefits of K12LTSP

> you just need to gather lots of anecdotal evidence, since accurate
stats will be hard to get. 


> 	Doug Gough
	Computer Services
	Pacific Academy

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