[K12OSN] how to VNC into 4.2.0 server?

Ron Freidel rfreidel at computergeex.com
Fri Feb 18 18:31:59 UTC 2005

When I need to see a desktop on a remote server I do it via ssh

ssh -C -l ronf hostname.k12.mt.us -L 5900:

that forwards the correct ports for a vnc connection. Then on my laptop I do a

vncviewer localhost
and the remote desktop loads via the ssh connection.

No need to open any additional ports other than 22 for the ssh connection.

richard ingalls (aslansreturn at yahoo.com) wrote:
> how can i VNC into a 4.2.0 server?  what do i need to
> open up in the firewall to make this happen?  i'm
> assuming the problem is in the firewall... is this correct?
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Ron Freidel
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