[K12OSN] webmin/dansguardian/squidguard

richard ingalls aslansreturn at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 00:09:07 UTC 2005

--- Will Hatch <fhkms at adelphia.net> wrote:

> I have successfully got Webmin running, along with
> Squid, and Apache.  I installed the Squidguard and
> Dansguardian modules and now I'm stuck.  When I
> access Dansguardian at
> http://server.ltsp:10000/dansguardian/ I get this at
> the top of the screen:
> ERROR! Either the DG Binary or the config file was
> not found! Please check your module config!
> Expected binary file path: /usr/sbin/dansguardian
> Expected conf file path:
> /etc/dansguardian/dansguardian.conf
> Any ideas?
> With Squidguard, I cannot download the blacklists. 
> When I go to http://server.ltsp:10000/squidguard/
> everything appears to work, but when I go to
>  and select dowload from squidguard.org, it tells
> me:
> Downloading failed : Failed to lookup IP address for
> ftp.ost.eltele.no
> Any ideas on this one?
> I had some problem with students getting through the
> dansguardian on my ipcop machine, so I have decided
> to double up the content filtering.  Will this work?
> I really have to eliminate any access to
> pornography, soft or hard.  Thanks for any advice.
> Will

will - i use DansGuardian version 2.4.6, even though
there are newer versions available BECAUSE it is
compatible with the DG module in webmin.  when i found
out that newer versions weren't supported yet in
webmin, then i decided NOT to upgrade.

maybe you should get an older DG rpm (2.4.x), then try
the adding the DG module to webmin.


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