[K12OSN] Microsoft and Wine

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sat Feb 19 00:14:26 UTC 2005

If this is true, then the European Commission should be informed about 
this, and pronto.  The European Union is still waffling on whether or 
not they will accept or reject software patents.  The acceptance of them 
is pushed by, of course, Microsoft and friends.  The first time 
Microsoft got caught (emphasis on "got caught") doing this was with 
Windows 3.1 and DR-DOS, back when Caldera was still nice.


Rob Owens wrote:

>I'm a little confused about this.  Does this only
>apply to Microsoft software that you download from
>them?  (In other words, a purchased cd copy of their
>software is not affected)?  I didn't even realize that
>Microsoft had any software available for downloading.
>--- Bryant Patten <opensource at whitenitro.com> wrote:
>>a friend just forwarded this along to me...
>>apologies if it has already 
>>been posted here
>>Microsoft Blocking Wine Users From Downloads Site
>>Posted by Zonk on Thursday February 17, @09:34AM
>>from the they-could-use-some dept.
>>IamTheRealMike writes
>>"In January, Microsoft announced a new anti-piracy
>>initiative called Genuine Advantage. From this
>>summer onwards all users 
>>Microsoft Downloads will be required to validate
>>using either an ActiveX
>>control or a standalone tool. Yesterday Ivan Leo
>>Puoti, a Wine 
>>discovered that the validation tool checks directly
>>for Wine and bails 
>>with a generic error when found. This is significant
>>as it's not only 
>>first time Microsoft has actively discriminated
>>against users running 
>>programs via Wine, but it's also the first time
>>they've broken radio 
>>on the project."
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