[K12OSN] LinuxWorld wrap-up

Jim McQuillan jam at mcquil.com
Sat Feb 19 17:13:06 UTC 2005

I'm finally back from the long trip to Boston, where we had one
of the best Linux World shows ever.

When I heard last year that the east coast Linux World was moving
out of New York City and up to Boston, I wasn't very excited about
it.  I have always enjoyed our trips to NYC.  But, when I got
to Boston last friday, and started to look around at the venue
and the surrounding area, I began to see the benefits of having
Linux World there.  Boston really is a great city.

The show was Tuesday through Thursday, and the LTSP.org booth was
crowded just about the entire time.  In fact, the LTSP.org booth has
become known as the most crowded booth in the .Org pavilion, and this
year was no different.

With the help of HP, we were able to provide thin clients to
other booths in the .Org area, including: Gnome, KDE, Fedora,
OpenOffice.org, Etherboot and X.org.  We were running Ubuntu on
our server, so it didn't make sense for the Fedora booth to be
connected to our server, but all of the other booths connected
to our server, and everybody was amazed at the performance.

Aside from the 6 other booths that were LTSP-Powered, we also had
4 thin clients in our booth, including an Apple iBook.
Thanks to Chuck Liebow, Jim Kronebusch and Bill Cavilieri for
getting the PPC support working.

It has been a tradition at Linux World shows that we have something
we call the 'LTSP Dinner'.  This year was a bit different, because
Marty Connor (Etherboot developer, Rom-o-matic creator) is from
Cambridge, MA and he wanted to organize the event.  Well, he took it
to the next level, and ended up with a huge .Org party with more
than 100 people, and he even managed to get it sponsored by Google.
So, everybody ate and drank and had a great time.  I think this might
become a regular event at Linux Worlds.

We'll be doing this all again in San Francisco in August, so if
you want to be part of it, stay tuned.  I'll be putting out the
call for volunteers probably in early June.

So, thanks to everyone who helped make this one of the best shows
ever.  There's no way we could do this without the awesome help we
get from everybody who shows up, and I really appreciate the fact
that people take time out of their busy schedule and help out.

I hope to see you all again either in San Fran, or next year back
in Boston.

Jim McQuillan
jam at Ltsp.org

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