[K12OSN] Squid, configuring for k12/two nic setup?

Barry R Cisna brcisna at frontiernet.net
Sun Feb 20 14:55:18 UTC 2005

Hi All,

    I've been racking my teeny brain trying to get squid to >actually< work on my 4.2- K12ltsp setup,to no avail.
    I have both squid and squidguard installed & running [ from a default install of 4.2 K12LTSP]
    As soon , as i enter my servers IP number in Firefox proxy settings, I .DO< get "ACCESS DENIED","contact your administrator",, so i m sure it is the server's browser is seeing the squid cache, but almost as though i don'T have something setup,correctly in the ACL list,,but i cant figure out ,,what I m missing?
    I've been using Webmin,,to configure Squid.conf file. Is it possible something is "broken" in webmin,,that does not create the correct squid.conf file? Webmin version is (latest) 1.180
    Manully hand editing squid.conf,,is a little too heavy for me, and i have run the  > squid -k parse<,  tool ,to verify that the squid.conf file is at least a valid format.It does report NO errors at least!
    Also using Webmin to setup squidguard as well FYI.
    It is >obvious< I dont have a CLUE!,,,:)...
    We are currently using an firewall/content filtering appliance,,that is badly outdated,,and want to get squid/squidgaurd working to get, up to date a little more.

    Any info//heckling/laughing/useful tips,,would be greatly appreciated....

    Take care,

    Barry R Cisna
RR 1 # 213
Gladstone, IL   
(309) 627-2191 

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