[K12OSN] local floppy disk

Burt Carter bcarter at jchs.com
Mon Feb 21 16:12:37 UTC 2005

Not sure if anyone has addressed these issues, but they are things that I have to look at for a full LTSP rollout in my organization.
1. Can a user write to a local floppy drive from a ltsp client
2. Can a user print to a locally connected printer from a ltsp client.
3. How much memory is required for a ltsp client.  Does less affect performance?
4. Can sound be heard on the local clients.
5.  Can a cd-rom be played from the local ltsp client.
6.  Has anyone integrated LTSP Server with NetWare 6 (or eDirectory) so that users are authenticated by Netware(eDirectory)?
7.  Has anyone implemented load balancing among multipe LTSP servers?
8.  Has anyone run Accellerated Reader/Math, MS OFFICE or other MS related programs successfully from say SAMBA on a linux box. (Both client and server are linux).

If anyone can shed some light on any of those topics, or point me in the direction to get more information it would be great.

Burt Carter 

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