[K12OSN] local floppy disk

Calvin Park linuxsys at davisny.edu
Mon Feb 21 17:07:35 UTC 2005


> 1. Can a user write to a local floppy drive from a ltsp client
Yes. Things can be copy to disks via MTools, and there is at least one
hack out there to allow full local floppy support via Konqueror.

> 3. How much memory is required for a ltsp client.  Does less affect performance?
I've heard varying views on this. Most of our clients here have
64-128MB. They all run just fine. I've run a few test clients with as
little as 16MB though.

> 4. Can sound be heard on the local clients.
I think so, but since our Computer Center does make use of sound I'm
really not the one to ask about this.

> 5.  Can a cd-rom be played from the local ltsp client.
I don't think so. Though there are some hacks to allow local CDRom
access from the clients, however these hacks do not allow for sound to
be played from CDRom. Again...someone else might know more about this.

I also have USB support (for thumbdrives and other mass storage devices)
working on my 4.2 setup. Though its a pretty dirty hack, and I know that
some others who've tried to implement it have had quite a few show
stopping problems with it.


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